Thursday, September 4, 2008

Anti Wrinkle Cream Reviews and the Chemical Mix

You simply cannot use anti wrinkle cream reviews as a way to gauge either the quality or the effectiveness of a product. The people who are offering their opinions about the products in question probably aren't qualified to compare anti aging wrinkle cream in any sort of informative way. All that they can usually offer you is whether they liked the product or didn't like it.

If you don't have at least a rudimentary understanding of what an ingredient is or what it does, then you are probably not qualified to be heading up anti wrinkle cream reviews. Most of these people have no idea even, if they recognize some of the ingredients and how those ingredients interact to produce the desired cosmetic effect.

They also couldn't tell you how the various compounds that are contained by the product interact with a person's own chemistry in order to produce a desired effect. Most of these people are amateurs who would like to think that because they use a lot of Avon product that they are somehow experts on the subject of makeup and somehow qualified to compare anti aging wrinkle cream in a public forum.

Here is a perfect example of how anti wrinkle cream reviews by unknowledgeable people can give people the wrong impression about a product. A women who had suffered irritation, itching, burning, and puffiness after using a product ran this particular product into the ground, at one point calling the cream "terribly dangerous" and "unfit for consumer use.

The thing about doing something like that is that she has now probably steered several people away from a harmless product that may have worked wonderfully for them, because she didn't recognize that she'd had an allergic reaction. Too often I see things like that from people supposedly feeling that they are qualified to compare anti aging wrinkle cream.

The only people who rightfully should be allowed to give anti wrinkle cream reviews are people with a background in organic chemistry. Someone like that would be able to explain the workings of the product in great detail, and truly give you a better understanding of what made the product effective and what didn't.

Many people who compare anti aging wrinkle cream base their opinion of the product on whether or not it contains Collagen. It is after all a natural protein produced by our bodies which keeps our skin younger looking. They seem to believe that any cream that contains Collagen must be superior because of its inclusion, but they would be wrong.

The Collagen that is derived for use in cosmetic creams comes from cattle primarily, although some comes from pigs. Neither form is genetically compatible with that of human beings, which makes its inclusion as an ingredient totally useless. For that reason they are now looking to see if the Collagen in human cadavers will still be usable for this purpose.

The next time you look at anti wrinkle cream reviews try to find out if anyone is talking about a product that was designed in New Zealand that can stimulate the re-growth of the body's store of collagen and elastin. This would certainly be more enticing than cadavers.


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